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HIPS All-Stars at The Bluestone (3/23/2019)[part1]

photos by Andrew White

HIPS Feb 2019 ft. BAARD (part 1)

HIPS Feb 2019 ft. BAARD (part 2)

January 2019 HIPS ft. Mike Dow

More photos from HIPS ft. Mike Dow by Andrew White (above photos by Travis Clements) [social links at bottom of page]

December HIPS ft. Giovanny

November HIPS ft. Theo

October 2018 HIPS ft. DJ Pastel (Spooktober)

HIPS 1 Year Anniversary ft. KMB & JaySwifa

HIPS at Breakaway Ohio 2018

August HIPS ft. DJ Pos2

other film photos from HIPS ft. DJ Pos2

July HIPS ft. Druskii

June HIPS ft. Hamadi

Photography courtesy of Travis Clements @ittybone