HIPS (Heartfelt, Intimate and Passionate Selections) is an RnB focused dance party held every 2nd Saturday at Brothers Drake Meadery in Columbus, Ohio.

Our team is comprised of a few DJs, a photographer, a videographer, a digital artist and many other creatives that all play a specific roll in putting together each show (Resident DJs, Bohno, NicNacc and Jay Allen; videographer, Andrew White; photographer, Travis Clements; and digital designer, Cotton.) These are the bones of our organization. Also every month we feature a special guest DJ/event curator to play the guest slot.

Our music is comprised mainly of 90s RnB hits and some contemporary RnB as well but we don't like to prescribe to one genre. HIPS is more of a vibe. A sound that is sexy but fun. It's high energy, but also sensual and seductive. It’s not easy to describe, you just have to be there to feel it.

We started back in September of 2017 and we just had our 1 year anniversary. We pride ourselves on how quickly we have grown in just one year. Featuring many amazing and like minded DJs/event curators, sharing our passion, collaborating and showcasing their’s as well. We plan on expanding out to other cities around the country and we are working on a lot of things such as exclusive merchandise and 1 off day parties as well. HIPS started as just a way to play the RnB music we grew up loving and has grown into something much more than that. We can’t wait to see where the future takes us. Big thanks to everyone that has supported us from the beginning and big thanks to all the creatives that have helped make HIPS what it is today.

Stay Sexy